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Serving the Needs of Quakerism and the Cause of Peace

December 2018 As you know, it is a joy to explore Pendle Hill in the fall. Seeing the sunlight magnifying… Learn More

2019 “Liberation Calendar” by Ricardo Levins Morales Now Available!

We are pleased to be able to offer copies of Ricardo Levins Morales’s wonderful “Liberation Calendar 2019.” These colorful, full-page wall… Learn More

Your Gifts to Pendle Hill Provide Sanctuary for Rest, Renewal, and Growth

Our towering trees, shaded gardens, outdoor labyrinth, and perimeter path all welcome the individual sojourner seeking quiet time away for… Learn More

Your Gifts to Pendle Hill Spread Seeds for Peace, Justice, and Beauty

Pendle Hill has long been a place where people come to learn and hone the skills essential to peacebuilding, to… Learn More