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Concluding Season One of The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope

The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope

The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope

Wallingford, PA Season One of Pendle Hill’s podcast, The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope, will conclude Tuesday, November 15, 2022, with the episode “Where Are We in the Cycle of Liberation?” featuring artist Ricardo Levins Morales and host Dwight Dunston in conversation.

In our first season, The Seed invites listeners around the world into conversations with Quakers, seekers, and Pendle Hill community members to explore visions of the world growing up through the cracks of our broken systems. This new medium continues Pendle Hill’s traditions of experiential learning community, as guests grapple with awakening amidst grief, transcending restrictive gender categories through learning from the natural world, effective and transformational activism, art as medicine, and faith and practice.

In “Where Are We in the Cycle of Liberation?” Ricardo shares, “The underlying inflammation in our society is hopelessness, despair, and disappointment.” Drawing on the cycles of the natural world, Ricardo reminds us of our places in the deep liberatory cycles of our communities, countries, and worlds, and how awareness of these timelines is a necessary ingredient for hope. We hope the questions this season asks invite our listeners into the Pendle Hill conversation, nurturing the conditions for choosing hope through learning together.

The full season includes the following episodes:

Episode One: “Welcome to The Seed: Dreams and Visions with Francisco Burgos and Host Dwight Dunston

Episode Two: “How Do We Heal Amidst the Unspeakable? with Rev. Rhetta Morgan

Episode Three: “What can the Natural World Teach Us about Ourselves? with Cai Quirk

Episode Four: “Love, Power, Justice: How Do We Make Our Activism Effective and Spiritually-Grounded? with Eileen Flanagan

Episode Five: “Where Are We in the Cycle of Liberation? with Ricardo Levins Morales

The Seed is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and all other major podcast platforms. See a full list of platforms here. Subscribe and follow wherever you get your podcasts to get each episode in your library as it’s released.

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This project is made possible by the generous support of the Thomas H. & Mary Williams Shoemaker Fund.