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Creating Space for Contemplation

July 28, 2022

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

There have been times in my life when I questioned my relationship with the divine. Times when everything around me seemed to have an enormous weight. When I look back at those moments, I asked myself: What did sustain me? How aware was I of being held by something greater than me? What space did I create for my community within those moments?

When we go through difficulties we can easily be trapped in desolation, sadness, and hopelessness. It is hard to find meaning when we experience circumstances that challenge our physical integrity, our social aspirations and core beliefs, our relationships or our environment. For some people, the present moment is extremely painful given the societal strains we are facing. It can be very hard to envision peace as we witness rising gun violence and war that appears endless and promotes a culture that centers profit and brings death and destruction around the globe. It is difficult to foresee justice when our ideological polarizations are heavily mined with ideas and decisions that diminish our human dignity and the wellbeing of our planet, creating a more difficult path for reparation and equality.

For me, embracing a spiritual practice has been essential to maintain my own sanity as I confront difficult times with hope and a commitment to transformation. One of these spiritual practices for me is simply creating space for contemplation in my days. This contemplative practice not only helps me to expand my relationship with the divine, but also allows me to explore new perspectives for how to respond to our societal problems and remain engaged in the re-creation of community. At Pendle Hill, I have found a unique environment that fosters such exploration. Here I experience a living and dynamic love that is manifested in small actions, which bury themselves in my heart as the seeds of wholeness, truth, and solidarity that expand and sustain me. I am so grateful for Pendle Hill and the space for contemplation that we provide here, and I eagerly await the opportunity to expand our hospitality for the exploration of transformative contemplation for peace, community, and justice this fall as we increase our occupancy and become able to host more visitors to our serene campus.

I invite you to remain committed to your spiritual practice as we live through this challenging time. Also, I encourage you to participate in activities that expand your sense of belonging and that support you on your exploration of love. Finally, I invite you to join me in supporting Pendle Hill financially as we seek to make this holy experiment available to welcome all for Spirit-led transformation.

With love and gratitude,


Francisco Burgos
Executive Director

NB: Pendle Hill’s fiscal year ends August 31. As always, please consult with your attorney or tax adviser regarding your specific legal or financial situation.