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First Monday Series

Embracing Spiritual Gifts

Nov 7, 2022
A First Monday Lecture with Adria Gulizia

As Friends, we often say that “we are all ministers,” but too rarely do we prepare ourselves to recognize, welcome,… Learn More

Hope Leans Forward: Braving Your Way Toward Simplicity, Awakening, and Peace

Dec 5, 2022
A First Monday lecture online with Valerie Brown, exploring themes from her new book from Broadleaf press.

Daily we are asked to stretch in the direction of goodness, kindness, forgiveness, patience, and vulnerability. Yet life’s fragility, fear,… Learn More

Against the Grain: Talking to White People about Racism in a Time of Polarization

Jan 9, 2023
An Online First Monday Lecture with Drick Boyd

In 2021, two weeks after the January 6th attempted takeover of the U.S. Capitol Building by supporters of former President… Learn More

The Battered Earth: Injury, Loss, and Healing

Feb 6, 2023
An Online First Monday Lecture with Beverly Ward

Since participating in a Woodbrooke course, “A Quaker Response to Climate Collapse” in 2021, Beverly Ward has been sitting with… Learn More