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First Monday Series

Clearness Committees: An Introduction to Spiritual Discernment in Community for Personal and Social Transformation

Dec 4, 2023
A First Monday Lecture with Valerie Brown and John Baird

The journey toward reinventing and transforming limiting beliefs takes courage, self-awareness, a growth mindset, a vision of a just and… Learn More

Addressing Patterns of Racial Wounding and Racial Justice in Quaker Communities

Jan. 8, 2024
A First Monday Lecture with Lauren Brownlee and Zenaida Peterson

Members of the Steering Committee of the Quaker Coalition for Uprooting Racism believed they had a responsibility to name the… Learn More

Truth and Justice: The BlackQuaker Project Challenges Quakerism in the 21st Century

Feb. 5, 2024
A First Monday Lecture with Dr. Harold D. (Hal) Weaver, Jr.

“If Quakers were so active in the Abolitionist movement, then why are there so few African American Friends today?” This… Learn More

Tracts for Our Times: Celebrating Ninety Years of Pendle Hill Pamphlets

Mar. 4, 2024
A First Monday Lecture with Mary Crauderueff, Doug Gwyn, and Janaki Spickard Keeler

Pendle Hill published its first pamphlet in early 1934. Since that time, 486 pamphlets have been published (including two that… Learn More