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Stephen G. Cary Memorial Lecture 2020: The Road to Pendle Hill

Sep 19, 2020
Thomas D. Hamm, Professor of History, the Trueblood Chair in Christian Thought, and Director of Special Collections at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana.

Ninety years ago, American Quakers embarked on an almost unprecedented experiment, to open a study center that would meld contemplation… Learn More

Can Quakers and Others Help Prevent an American Slide Into Dictatorship? Hint: Nonviolence Will Be Key!

Oct 5, 2020
A First Monday Lecture with George Lakey

As the November Presidential election nears, thoughtful leaders are worrying about the possibility of a power grab should the vote… Learn More

What Happens Wednesday? Preparing Ourselves for the Work Ahead

Nov 2, 2020
A First Monday Lecture with Eileen Flanagan

Whoever wins the presidential election, whether or not the result is contested, we know there will be much work to… Learn More