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The Sankofa Path: Healing from the Traumas of Racism

Mar 27-29, 2020
A weekend retreat with Erva Baden designed for folks who self-identify as U.S.-born African-American/Black Women

As descendants of captured and enslaved Africans, we black and brown folks in the United States have had, and continue… Learn More

Opening to the Heart of Worship

Apr 3-5, 2020
A weekend workshop with Christopher Sammond

This workshop will focus on practical skills that will enhance our ability to enter into deep, transformative worship. We will… Learn More

Art Journaling: Painting the Life Line

Apr 4, 2020
An Arts & Spirituality Workshop with Nancy Santamaria

Come to learn, reflect and take pleasure in “Art Journaling: Painting the Life Line.” Discover how the meaning of where… Learn More

The Meaning and Challenge of Resurrection

Apr 17-19, 2020
With John Dominic Crossan

From Annunciation to Ascension, all the major events in Jesus’ life are directly described in the Gospels and can thence… Learn More

Bless the Night

Apr 24-26, 2020
A weekend workshop with Reverend Rhetta Morgan

What if we danced with the dark as holy? What might open up for us if we could face and… Learn More