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Expanding Democracy in an Age of Polarization and Resistance

May 11-14, 2017

A conference for inspiration, education, networking, and action
Thursday evening through Sunday noon.

Formerly: Serve & Protect Conference.

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610-566-4507, ext. 137

Friends, in light of the dramatically shifting political landscape, we are led to expand the scope of our original May conference theme to embrace a larger vision than we originally held. Greater militarization of police and documented instances of systematic abuse of the marginalized communities they “police,” are definitely very prominent aspects of how “law and order” manifests itself. But as visible, robust, and sustained opposition to these abuses grows, the state’s display and use of its ultimate weapon – violence – will escalate. As many movements in our nation’s history show, greater repression exposes some of the most vulnerable among us to much greater risks than others. At the same time, greater repression sharpens political, economic, and social issues and dramatizes their intersectionality. It creates an environment where a mass movement for positive social change can grow. We accept the challenges and embrace the opportunities that this historical moment offers us, and we invite you to join us in “Expanding Democracy in an Age of Polarization and Resistance.”

Because we want to make this conference as accessible as possible, we are offering a tiered registration scale from $300 to $850. Click the following link for registration information.

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We face a polarized body politic with poor civic discourse. Embattled segments of our population confront greater harassment, fear, and violence. Dissenters are met with increasing surveillance and curtailment of civil liberties. Many who have stood on the sidelines and hoped for more progressive outcomes feel challenged to engage more actively in making social change happen. How can we seize the opportunity of greater polarization to reach beyond our own circles to engage our neighbors in civil conversation to strengthen our democratic institutions? How can we stand together in integrity with our brothers and sisters who experience routine law enforcement harassment and violence? Learning from experienced front-line experts, let us sharpen our analysis, hone our skills, and create ways to support each other in resisting further erosion of basic constitutional rights and expanding our nations’ long-delayed promise of liberty and justice for all.

There will be:

  • Front-line experts to fill us in on the history and trends of law enforcement in the United States, including policing of targeted communities, such as immigrants, Latin Americans, African-Americans, Muslims, LGBTQ folks, and others;
  • Exercises to increase our awareness of our own internalized biases that affect our actions in the world and enable us to act with greater intention and integrity;
  • Exercises to improve our capacity to act as companions and allies in confronting repression and de-escalating violence;
  • Exercises in planning a strategic nonviolent campaign with winning steps that increase our momentum and draw wider participation – using creativity, drama, humor, and people power;
  • Experiential learning on how to have the difficult conversations that we must have with our peers;
  • Training and practice in the art of moral advocacy with decision makers; and
  • Reflection groups to process our experiences in small groups.

Travel directions to Pendle Hill.