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Upcoming Events

Aiming for Justice: Race Reparations and Right Paths

Feb 1-26, 2021
With K. Melchor Quick Hall via Zoom

This year’s virtual workshop responds to ongoing health, economic, and racial crises by providing a brave space where US-based, white… Learn More

Reclaiming My Authentic Self

Feb 5, 12, 19, 26 and Mar 5, 12, 2021
A 6-week Soul Restoration Series Workshop with Erva Baden via Zoom

Facing and healing intergenerational trauma is a necessary step for reclaiming our authentic selves and stepping powerfully toward our visions… Learn More

The Inner Guide vs. the Inner Critic: The Journey from Judgment to Love

Mar 1, 3, and 5, 2021
Three evenings in March with Christine Wolff

Participants will learn to recognize and gain some leverage with the part of the personality known as the “inner critic.”… Learn More

Mutual Accompaniment and the Creation of the Commons Online

Apr 9-11, 2021
A workshop with Lucy Duncan, Mary Watkins, and Anyango Gregory via Zoom

To accompany someone is to go somewhere with him or her, to break bread together, to be present on a… Learn More