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Upcoming Events

New Year’s: The Inner Life of Music

Dec 28, 2023 - Jan 1, 2024
A Pendle Hill New Year’s Retreat with Karl Middleman

In this workshop we will learn how composers use music as alchemy to turn personal hardships into life-giving measures. Through… Learn More

The 2024 Spring Term

Mar 1 - May 10, 2023
A 10-week on-campus residential study program for those seeking space and community in which to share the daily rhythm of learning, work, and worship.

Acceptance and Forgiveness

Mar 3-10, 2024
A Seven-Day Mindfulness Meditation Retreat On Campus with Mary Grace Orr, Anne Briggs, and Rebecca Kronlage.

Most of us yearn for acceptance and forgiveness. The simple techniques of mindfulness and kindness, taught by the Buddha, support… Learn More

Beyond Diversity 101

Mar 19-23, 2024
An on-campus intensive with Niyonu Spann and Lisa Graustein.

Beyond Diversity 101 intends healing transformation. We provide frameworks, offer practices, and hold a space for growing skills to de-structure… Learn More

Clearness Committees: Spiritual Discernment in Community for Personal and Social Transformation

Mar 22-24, 2024
A retreat for deepening skills and spiritual practice with Valerie Brown and John Baird.

Are you seeking clarity about life transitions, purpose, direction, or meaning, and how to offer your most authentic gifts into… Learn More