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New Arrivals at Pendle Hill

Angela HopkinsWe would like to formally welcome the following individuals to Pendle Hill:

Angela Hopkins: Angela joined us in September to become our year-long Friend in Residence. She is a long-time friend of Pendle Hill and was most recently a participant in our Radical Faithfulness program and the summer Institute on Creative Conflict Engagement. Her ongoing ministry among Friends is to help the Quaker movement become more faithful and robust by challenging racism and white supremacy. She is also very funny, thoughtful, and gifted.

Lynda WilliamsMartin WilliamsLynda and Martin Williams
: Lynda and Martin are two long-standing weighty Friends from Britain Yearly Meeting. BYM chooses a couple every year to serve as additional Friends in Residence for us from September through mid-December. Lynda brings us many gifts: 26 years as a Friend, yoga, mediation and conflict management, and listening to the spiritual journeys of others. Martin has an academic background in sociology, psychology, and philosophy and shares with Lynda a strong interest in Buddhism and Hinduism and the practice of yoga. He will also be working on some writing projects on Welsh Quakers while he is with us.

Paula Palmer

Paula Palmer, 2016 Cadbury Scholar

Paula Palmer: This September has also brought us Paula Palmer to campus as our FY 2016 Cadbury Scholar. Paula is answering a call from a North American indigenous organization calling on all Christian denominations to look closely at their histories of providing boarding school educations for Native children and seeing if the seeds of white supremacy, racism, and cultural genocide were part of their motivations and/or impact. She is spending her days doing detailed research at the Quaker library collections at both Swarthmore and Haverford. She will be writing articles on her research, giving talks throughout the county and coming back to the area in November 2016 to give a presentation on here work here for a major conference on Quakers and Native Americans. Paula will be on campus with us from September through mid to late September.

Amadeus Gomilschak, Martje Knoedler, Laura Kronz, and Lion Mackert: Last but not least, please say hello to our latest IFD Nord interns from Germany! Amadeus, Martje, Laura, and Lion will be with us during the upcoming year, and have been terrific additions to our community thus far. In addition to worshiping with us and learning about Quakerism, they have been working with our grounds, kitchen, and Hospitality crew. Willkommen.