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Forgiveness: Freed to Love, by Christine Betz Hall

Now available in the Pendle Hill Bookstore is our most recent Pendle Hill Pamphlet #480, Released April, 2023


Normal relational tangles, divisions, and our society’s historical wrongs call out for transformation: a liberation that can be found through forgiveness. This pamphlet offers a life-giving paradigm aiming to set people free of hurt and bitterness within themselves, toward others, toward reality, and in efforts toward social justice. The essential experience of forgiveness as release into the Spirit liberates us and prepares us to be guided by Love to heal and transform what is broken. This essay is based on a plenary presentation offered to the Northwest Quarter of North Pacific Yearly Meeting in April 2022.


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Forgiveness: Freed to Love

By Christine Betz Hall

Pendle Hill Pamphlet #480 (April 2023)

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