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Recipe: Deceptively Simple Carrot Salad

Alison’s handwritten recipe.

Alison’s handwritten ingredient list from 1997!

Alison, our Cook, took this recipe to Oregon with them from the Pendle Hill’s kitchen over twenty years ago! It’s a refreshing side for the spring and summer months especially, and the deceptively simple ingredients combine to make a delightfully flavorful salad that insists on complementing many a meal.

Serves 15 people


•9 cups peeled and grated carrots

•1/3 cup lemon juice

•1/3 cup honey

•1½ teaspoons salt

•1½ teaspoons cardamom

•1 cup raisins

•2 cups sunflower seeds


1. Toast sunflower seeds (not raw, not dark) over medium heat

2. Combine lemon juice, honey, salt, cardamom, and raisins

3. Add lightly toasted sunflower seeds and grated carrots to the lemon raisin mixture

4. Toss to combine, serve, and enjoy.