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Spirit of Joyful Giving

Jennie Keith, Board Member“In this season of giving, one of my annual rituals is to sift through the tall and teetering stack of requests for contributions from worthy organizations. Of course my generous impulses and my respect for so many efforts in support of such significant goals are constrained by budget realities – so there are difficult choices! This year again Pendle Hill stays at the top of my list. Reflecting for a moment on why this feels so right, I realize that my reasons for giving to Pendle Hill have to do with what Pendle Hill gives – to me, to the Society of Friends, to the world.

Being deep into reading Doug Gwyn’s new history of Pendle Hill, I am also reminded of how long Pendle Hill has played these roles, with a remarkable continuity of Spirit-led mission in the context of so much change around us. A perfect example for me right now is the link between our founding as a “school for prophets” and the current course “Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness,” in which students alternate residencies on campus with continuing study via the Internet.

For me Pendle Hill is a spiritual home where every visit gives me refreshed vision and energy. Inspiration and skills acquired at Pendle Hill strengthen staff and members of many other organizations I want to support. Our whole world is in profound need of the opportunities Pendle Hill offers to “create peace and justice by transforming lives.” It’s a joyful holiday tradition to give my gift to Pendle Hill – in gratitude.” —Jennie Keith, Board Member