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Spring Term Students, 2023

Pendle Hill was delighted to have the 2023 Spring Term cohort on campus this year from March 1st to May 10th. The tradition of resident student programs was reimagined in 2022, and we were pleased to be joined by another group of incredible students and scholars growing through the rhythm of study, work, and worship here on campus. This cohort’s epistle can be found at the bottom of the page.

Campo Larrick (they/them) grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (Eno/Lumbee land), and has attended Chapel Hill Friends Meeting since June 2022. Campo was first introduced to Quakerism at Carolina Friends School, which they attended for 2 years before graduating in 2017. They later graduated from Warren Wilson College where they majored in Social Work and spent a semester studying Indigenous social movements in southern Mexico. Campo completed the 2021-2022 Quaker Voluntary Service year in Boston, where they worked at the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center. Campo also participated in AFSC’s Emerging Leaders for Liberation program in 2022 and is part of the current NEYM Nurturing Faithfulness cohort. Campo has spent the past few months close to their family to help accompany their aging grandparents. Campo cares deeply about being surrounded by trees, imagining worlds beyond binaries, and holding spaces where hearts/bodies/minds feel honored and loved.


Caroline Wildflower is a lifelong Quaker, nonviolent activist, and lover of books. Caroline grew up in Michigan, spent a few years in the Philadelphia area and has been living in the Seattle, Washington area since 1975. Caroline feels blessed to have spent 33 years with Clint Weimeister, who died a few years ago, and to have several children and 4 grandchildren as part of our blended family. Caroline is active with Friends for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer Concerns (FLGBTQC). Caroline felt led to come to Pendle Hill for the chance for a retreat in a center imbued with Quaker Spirit and to work on a memoir. Caroline is looking forward to the rhythm of the days.


Galen Schram (he/him) has lived in New York City for the past ten years, first as a graduate student and then as a practicing hospital-based physical therapist. Some of the patient populations that he has been fortunate to work with include those recovering from organ transplantation, gender affirmation surgery, and patients with cancer diagnoses. A few years ago he completed a certification program in Narrative Medicine, an academic field that approaches clinical care and healthcare justice through mindfulness and storytelling. He is grateful to have had a few short stories published in literary journals and is excited to continue to write while at Pendle Hill. His faith journey led him to Quakerism shortly after the first wave of the pandemic passed through New York. He enjoys running, yoga, studying languages, and spending time with his 4-year-old Boxer-mix dog named Appa.


Pastor Judith M’maitsi Nandikove is a wife, mother of four children, a teacher by profession and a traveling minister reaching out to families, women and children in different communities and globally empowering them through various community based programmes, organizing workshops for Peace through AVP, HROC and CCP programmes and spiritual nourishment. She makes re – usable sanitary pads for girls to maintain them in schools and from early pregnancies and also for women in slum areas. She teaches organic farming and trains on how to make shoes for vulnerable children in this communities. She runs a school in a slum area called Nashvill Academy. She also ministers to children in her church through Literacy and Peace Justice through Sparklers. She serves as a chair of Africa Quaker Religious Education Collaborative and QREC international as a steering circle member, through Peace Libraries on Friends Peace Teams and the Planning Circle on Quaker Spring. For more about Judith’s ministry, you can visit her website.

Lilia Fick (she/they) is coming from Ottawa, Ontario (unceded, unsurrendered Anishinaabe territory). Lilia is an early childhood educator by training, but has been praying for new direction in how best to put her gifts to service. She has a passion both for self-healing and supporting others in their healing, and for letting her life speak. She is a lifelong Friend and her faith pulses through all that she does. Throughout the pandemic, she travelled extensively through what she calls “Quakerzoomlandia.” Early in the pandemic, they began attending Pendle Hill’s daily Zoom Meeting for Worship and feels deeply connected to the hybrid community that formed. They feel blessed to have previously spent time at Pendle Hill and are excited to be immersed there again. Lilia looks forward to learning from and share with her fellow students, the other community members, and those who visit campus during their stay. They also love to spend time building their connection with the wilder world, and look forward to reconnecting with the Momma Tree.


Read this cohort’s Epistle here.