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Belonging in Unknown

Oct 2, 2023

A First Monday Lecture with Matthew Armstead
7:30pm - 9pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) via Zoom.

Free to the public! Registration required.

Call us for more information!

610-566-4507, ext. 137

We spend most of our lives not knowing what’s coming ahead – in childhood, the decisions of young adulthood, parenting, balancing elder care, and when losing our cognitive capacities. Knowledge and being right are highly valued in our world, and not knowing carries risk. How do we welcome ourselves fully when we don’t know? How might we open to live during climate chaos, love as empires crumble, and learn from the darkness as well as the light?

Thanks to the generous support of the Friends Foundation for the Aging, we’re able to make this and other free, online programs accessible to f/Friends of all ages.


Matthew Armstead first learned about Pendle Hill when studying at Swarthmore College. Years later, they returned to co-develop, then teach, the Radical Faithfulness in Action program.

Matthew is the director of Culture Work Studios, where they accompany small, multiracial organizations committed to social justice through change processes with compassion, creativity, and complexity. At Culture Work Studios, Matthew also creates performance experiences for audiences that are reclaiming power to embody the futures we want to create. At the heart, Matthew helps us practice being the change we want to see.

You can hear more from Matthew by listening to their recent interview on Pendle Hill’s podcast, The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope.

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