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Continuing Revolution 2019: Experimenting Beyond Capitalism

Jun 7-12, 2019

Full fee for residents: $395
Full fee for commuters: $150
Weekend fee for residents: $275
Daily rate for part-time attenders: $70

Join young adult Quakers and seekers (age 18-35) at Pendle Hill for our annual young adult conference! Together participants will explore their backgrounds and assumptions regarding class, money, and capitalism.

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Financial aid is available. Complete the conference application for next steps.

Continuing Revolution Conference Co-Coordinators:
Hannah Mayer ( and Lina Blount (

Continuing Revolution: group outside the Barn

ContRev: group outside the Barn – click to enlarge

The group will interrogate how the economic system functions and its role in fueling inequality and oppression among people of different classes, races, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, and more. Participants will learn about how humans have organized their labor and relationships in life-affirming ways and imagine how we could do so in the present and future. Get ready for questions like, “How can I plan for the future while striving for a just economic system?” and “How does my faith lead me to be in integrity economically?” and “What movements can I add my power to in bringing about effective change?” Focusing on these and other questions, speakers and workshop leaders will guide participants on a project of imagining and creating a more just and equitable world, experimenting with the burgeoning systems, practices, tools, and relationships that can get us there together.

Continuing Revolution: making bread

ContRev: making bread – click to enlarge

What to expect: Each day of this conference will feature guest speakers and facilitators leading in a variety of modalities – expect to see a mix of discussion, panel sessions, popular education, small group work, interactive and reflective questions, and hands-on exploration. Afternoons will offer the opportunity for those interested to participate in practical skill-building with hands-on activities led by Pendle Hill staff and friends. Evening exercises will offer space for the group to process and consider the day’s learnings, then research one facet of interest more deeply. Each day will begin with an optional 30 minutes of Quaker meeting for worship. All participants are invited to engage with this group practice as they would like; some may find it a helpful time of silent meditation or reflection in preparation for the day to come.

Continuing Revolution: Pendle Hill greenery

ContRev: Pendle Hill greenery – click to enlarge

Pendle Hill is located on 24 beautiful acres with a mile-long woodchip trail, a pond, and 140 species of trees and flowering shrubs, on the historical homeland of the Lenni-Lenape. Participants will have access to the art studio, library, and the grounds. Eating together in community is an important part of life at Pendle Hill. Most food served, including bread and other staples, is homemade. Pendle Hill makes extensive use of organic fruits and vegetables from the garden. All meals include vegan and vegetarian options and can be customized for specific dietary needs. Please be aware that all foods are prepared in the same kitchen where ingredients such as flour and peanuts are present. Pendle Hill’s kitchen cannot be considered a gluten free or tree-nut free kitchen, nor is it a kosher kitchen. We invite guests with severe food allergies to alert us of their allergy and to consider bringing supplemental food. Refrigerators are available in each building.

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Travel directions to Pendle Hill. Click to view the flyer.