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Pendle Hill’s Reading Group (September)

Sep 20, 2023

Hosted by Anna Hill and Janaki Spickard Keeler
7:00-8:30pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) via Zoom.

Free and open to the public! Register below to reserve your spot.

Call us for more information!

610-566-4507, ext. 137

In September, we will be reading our recent pamphlet Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and Us: Using Family Systems Therapy to Understand and Dismantle Oppression (PHP #478) by Pendle Hill pamphlet editor Janaki Spickard Keeler. The pamphlet explores the biblical story of Abraham’s near-sacrifice of Isaac through the lens of Quaker theology and family systems therapy, exploring what the story can teach us about power and oppression. You can purchase a copy of this publication at the following links:

PH pamphlet (printed edition)
Amazon Kindle (e-book)
Barnes & Noble Nook (e-book)

Our Reading Group focuses on Pendle Hill pamphlets and other Quaker readings, gathering to consider queries about the reading in a spirit of worship sharing.

Thanks to the generous support of the Friends Foundation for the Aging, we’re able to make this and other free, online programs accessible to f/Friends of all ages.


Anna Hill, Pendle Hill's education engagement coordinatorAnna Hill (she/her) serves as the education engagement coordinator at Pendle Hill and the producer of The Seed: Conversations for Radical Hope, Pendle Hill’s podcast. She previously served as a Quaker Voluntary Service Fellow and is based in Philadelphia.

Janaki Spickard KeelerJanaki Spickard Keeler, M.S.S., L.C.S.W. is a life-long Quaker, writer, and family therapist. She has a masters degree in social work from Bryn Mawr College and did her undergraduate study at Smith College in political science and mathematics. As a clinical social worker, she unites writing with sacred change, helping people re-author the narratives of their lives in a direction that better fits their deep truths.

Janaki stewards the Pendle Hill Pamphlets series of essays on Quaker perspectives on contemporary themes, serves her yearly meeting as coordinator of the Friends Counseling Service, and blogs occasionally at The Quietest Quaker. She is a member of Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting (PYM).

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