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Tracts for Our Times: Celebrating Ninety Years of Pendle Hill Pamphlets

Mar 4, 2024

A First Monday Lecture with Mary Crauderueff, Doug Gwyn, and Janaki Spickard Keeler
7:30pm - 9pm Eastern Time (US & Canada) on campus and via Zoom.

Free and open to the public! Registration required.

Call us for more information!

610-566-4507, ext. 137

Pendle Hill published its first pamphlet in early 1934. Since that time, some 485 pamphlets have been published (plus two that fall outside of the Pendle Hill pamphlet numbered series). Originally conceived as “tracts for our times,” these bi-monthly pamphlets provide a cloud of witnesses to the depth and breadth of Quaker faith and practice in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Tracts for our Times: Celebrating Ninety Years of Pendle Hill Pamphlets
In celebration of 90 years of the Pendle Hill pamphlets, Pendle Hill Publications will hold a moderated discussion with Mary Crauderueff, who has recently finished reading the entire Pendle Hill pamphlets series, and Doug Gwyn, Pendle Hill historian and pamphlet author. Janaki Spickard Keeler, current editor of the pamphlets series, will serve as moderator.

If you would like to join us for dinner ($15.50/guest) before the event, please sign up at least 24 business hours in advance.

Thanks to the generous support of the Friends Foundation for the Aging, we’re able to make this and other free, online programs accessible to f/Friends of all ages.


Mary CrauderueffMary Crauderueff is the Curator of Quaker Collections in the Haverford College Quaker & Special Collections. She is an alum of Friends’ Central School (’03), Earlham College (’07), and the University of Maryland, College Park (’09), where she earned her Master’s in Library Science with a specialization in Archives, Records, and Information Management. Since 2009, she has worked for a variety of archives and organizations in the Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Boston areas. She serves on the board of the Scattergood Foundation and previously served as president of the Friends Historical Association (2019-2021). In 2020, Mary was the first Visiting Quaker Archivist for the Africa Quaker Archives in Kaimosi, Kenya.

Doug GwynDoug Gwyn is a former Pendle Hill student, librarian, and teacher. While at Pendle Hill, he has carried out various research and writing projects in Quaker history. The most recent are Personality and Place: The Life and Times of Pendle Hill (2014) and A Gathering of Spirits: The Friends General Conferences, 1896-1950 (2018). He is the author of not one but two Pendle Hill pamphlets, ‘But Who Do You Say That I Am?’: Quakers and Christ Today (PHP #426) and Pendle Hill, A Place to Be and Become: Reflections on the First Ninety Years (PHP #464).

Janaki Spickard Keeler, LCSWJanaki Spickard Keeler, LCSW, is a lifelong Quaker, a writer, and a family therapist. As a clinical social worker, she unites writing with sacred change, helping people re-author the narratives of their lives in a direction that better fits their deep truths. She is the author of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, and Us: Using Family Systems Therapy to Understand and Dismantle Oppression (PHP #478). Janaki stewards the Pendle Hill Pamphlets series of essays on Quaker perspectives on contemporary themes, serves her yearly meeting as coordinator of the Friends Counseling Service, and blogs occasionally at The Quietist Quaker. She is a member of Chestnut Hill Monthly Meeting (PYM).

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