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September 29, 2022

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

I have a deep sense of gratitude as we enter the second month of our new fiscal year. Gratitude for you, for my colleagues, and for the many Friends that continue walking with us on the path of this holy experiment. Despite the many challenges we have faced in this transition period, we remain hopeful and embrace our ministry with courage, openness, and faithfulness. This month, I share with you a poem and I do this with deep gratitude for the Beloved Community we are co-creating at Pendle Hill as we sow the seeds of this holy garden.

A drop of water
condensation of divine love
the frogs’ songs as the air cools to welcome the evening
kids playing, birds dancing

the newspaper in my hands full of emptiness
lack of joy

I breathe,
raise my heart
recognize the still and small voice
a melody of solidarity
a tune of nonviolence
a note of transformation
as if I cannot avoid the symphony of life

loudly emerge
losses, confusions,
I got scared.

A fresh air brings me back to the breathing
and within it
an ocean of faces, hands,
hearts, seeds
surround me
as its wave carries a revolution
and I feel in my face
a drop of water
the condensation of divine love.


Francisco Burgos
Executive Director