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The Center for Courage & Renewal honors Pendle Hill with its Medallion of Integrity

BrownKortsch-235x156Pendle Hill was presented with a Medallion of Integrity by the Center for Courage & Renewal Facilitators Carol Kortsch and Valerie Brown at the conclusion of their “Journey Toward Wholeness Retreat Series” on Sunday, November 2, 2014.

Created and presented by facilitators prepared by the Center for Courage & Renewal, the Medallion acknowledges the qualities of agency, authenticity and courage that distinguish the spirit, community, and leadership alive at Pendle Hill. And, it is particularly significant to recognize the formative role that Pendle Hill played in shaping Parker Palmer, who founded the Center for Courage & Renewal in 1997.

The Medallion celebrates Pendle Hill’s commitment to serve as a safe haven to explore integrity, authenticity, diversity, community, courage, love, hope and renewal, all core values of the Center for Courage & Renewal. Further, the Medallion recognizes Pendle Hill’s stewardship of the Circle of Trust© Retreat Series, which began in 2010 as a call toward new leadership with faithfulness and commitment.

Through these retreat series, hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds across the country have come to Pendle Hill to explore issues of transition, vocation, passion, life purpose, meaning, direction and underlying life patterns to live in greater alignment with their core values, to listen to their own inner wisdom, and to reconnect who they are with what they do. Many participants in the Circle of Trust© Retreat Series have reported renewed passion, purposefulness, and integrity in their life and their work. The Pendle Hill community has provided a safe space for many to slow down and to nurture personal and professional integrity, and the courage to lean into action. Guided by core principles and practices, which include the belief that everyone has an inner teacher, an inner source of truth, these Pendle Hill retreats have engaged contemplative practices to support personal and societal development and transformation.

The Medallion recognizes the Pendle Hill community’s commitment and faithfulness to the Courage & Renewal® Retreat Series, and celebrates the community’s persistent and open-hearted dedication to work that moves toward greater wholeness and love.