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Pendle Hill Rewind: February 1962


The Hiroshima Maidens

February 1962
Pendle Hill promotes its summer program “A Community of Faith in an Unredeemed World.” A letter from the Hiroshima Maidens, 25 young girls who came to the US to receive treatment for injuries suffered in the bombing of WWII. An excerpt from Henry Cadbury’s 1961 Baccalaureate Address at Bryn Mawr College. Finally, a short note on the public hearings about the construction of Interstate 476. Click to view the bulletin.


February 2016
Pendle Hill’s 2016 summer programs include the Continuing Revolution Conference for young adult Friends, Conflict Transformation Institute, Melanie Weidner’s Arts and Spirituality, and Melinda Wenner Bradley’s Playing in the Light. Also, we will have an Artist in Residence on campus and hold two of the residencies for the upcoming Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness program this summer.