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The Epiphany of Everyday

Francisco Burgos, Executive Director

Our life journey is full of discoveries and realizations that provide us with a deep meaning and better understanding of the complexity of reality. A reality that is articulated and nurtured by our actions, words, and intentions, no matter how big and small, or how active and passive they are. This is how we participate in creating history. We are not, under any circumstances, out of history. Our engagement or lack of involvement with our personal spiritual development or with movements for social transformation are just different ways of defining how we approach our life within history.

We may think that the recent events affecting our social and political web may not be related to our personal path. We may argue that we are not directly involved in the perpetuation of institutional racism, structural violence, inequality and injustice, but the truth is that all these “social sins” permeate our daily culture. They are promoted either by our action or lack of action. This is when we need to pause and open ourselves to the epiphany of everyday, which require of us a more intentional engagement with self, others, and the Spirit.

Since I was appointed to serve as Executive Director, I have been holding in my heart the simple question of what may be my contribution to this organization. Specially, considering the critical moment we are facing and the future to be. A particular element I want to offer as a personal revelation is the need to deep listening. I have the conviction that we won’t be able to seriously address our institutional situation or our social maladies without holding space and listening. After all, this is a simple step within a healing process as well as it is a strong spiritual practice for the ones that seek to encounter reality from the most essential REALITY within us.

For 90 years, Pendle Hill has supported many Friends and seekers in their personal and collective journey. We want to continue being of support and we want to keep welcoming all for Spirit-led learning opportunities as we practice radical hospitality and create community. We don’t want to lose sight of our historical moment and its implications. It is within this chapter in history that we want to continue responding to the essential REALITY as we practice and create space for peace, justice, love, and transformation.

Let us welcome our everyday epiphanies and embrace them with gratitude, curiosity, and with the intention of doing the necessary work that they demand from us.

In Friendship,


Francisco Burgos
Executive Director