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Winter’s gifts

February 2015

Jennifer KarstenDear friends of Pendle Hill,

Have you received winter’s gifts? Here at Pendle Hill, we’re grateful for the special offerings that nature and community provide when temperatures are low and daylight short:

  • The quiet stillness that invites us to reflection, appreciation, and cozy armchair conversations;
  • Bright red berries and soft rabbit tracks that stand out against the sparkling snow;
  • Bare branches silhouetted by the moon at night, inspiring art and wonder;
  • Encouragement to come together, hands wrapped around hot mugs, to share our stories, our hopes, and our visions.

We seek the warmth of good company and good conversation, we reflect on what we have learned from the past and what we long for in the future, sharing our “life lessons” with each other by the fire. Dialogue about the works of Merton, Angelou, Bonhoeffer, and Rustin (just this week!) have led to new commitments and deeper understandings. Young adults from around the world share what inspires them, and our elders provide important stories of challenges and success in the movement for social justice. We are aware that we are wise to rest while we can in this cold month, because underground new bloom is getting ready to emerge and we will soon be activated again by both spring’s warmth and the many programs we have lined up for the year.

Whether your soul yearns for a retreat, or you’re interested in being prepared to make a difference in the world through our educational programs, we look forward to welcoming you. Visit the following pages to see what we are offering:

Yours with gratitude,


Jennifer Karsten
Executive Director