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Will you help Pendle Hill respond to Vincent Harding’s call?

December 2014 Dear Friend, Reflecting on the year at Pendle Hill, I recall the sights and sounds of vocal ministry,… Learn More

Artist-in-Residence opportunity

Are you a Quaker Artist who would benefit from being a participant of a spiritual learning community while working on… Learn More

More e-pamphlets are now available for Kindles and Nooks!

We continue to make more of our classic Pendle Hill pamphlets available for Kindle-compatible e-readers on and as “Nook… Learn More

Greetings from Gretchen Hall, Pendle Hill’s new Clerk of the Board

For a Quaker institution celebrating 84 years, Pendle Hill is remarkably agile, innovative, and visionary. Grounded in Friends values and… Learn More