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Classic Photography: Turning to the Light

Jun 9-11, 2017

A weekend photography retreat with John Holliger
$495/private room; $405/shared room; $285/commuter

This retreat runs from Friday evening to Sunday noon.

NB: participants need to bring their own digital cameras with which they are fully acquainted and accustomed to using.

Limit of 12.

If you are seeking financial assistance to participate in this program, call 610-566-4507, ext. 137. Do NOT register online.

Call Us for More Information!

610-566-4507, ext. 137

For photographers, serious hobbyists, and advanced photographers who want to connect their love of photography with their spirituality of turning toward the Light. Participants will experience photographing in the different light of the day and night: the soft pastels of first light (5:30am-7:30am); the muted mid-morning clouds or contrasting light/shadows of a sunny mid-morning (9:30-11:30am); the golden dusk (7:30pm-9:00pm); and the full moon in indigo shining on the earth. Gentle group feedback sessions with the photographer using the participant’s flash drive on the professional’s laptop; Photoshop, Bridge, and Lightroom. On Saturday afternoon a schedule of two participants with the photographer will experiment with every lens in his bag. When not scheduled, the afternoon is open. One page about the spirituality of each kind of light will be given with queries for participant’s personal use. Sunday morning will be an adventuresome conversation of the weekend experience.


John Holliger comes alive walking the Lake Erie shore, slogging through wetlands, learning the habitats of forests in Ohio, the stories the rocks are telling, watching the movement from starry nights to the first light of day. A graduate of Oberlin College and Yale Divinity School, John is an Episcopal priest who served parishes in Connecticut and Ohio. Laying down that work at 58, John is a self-taught nature photographer with an animated curiosity for how potters, painters, poets, and classic photographers approach their art — always on the creative edge, taking risks, asking “What’s next?”

Travel directions to Pendle Hill. FAQs about Short-Term Education Programs (please read before calling). Click to view the flyer.