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Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms

May 24, 2018

An afternoon workshop with Jono Droege
3:00pm - 6:00pm in The Garden.

Fee: Pay what you can - $10, $15, or $20.

Call Us for More Information!

610-566-4507, ext. 137

Join us for a shiitake mushroom log inoculation workshop led by Jono Droege of Rising Locust Farm. This workshop is for anyone who loves mushrooms and is interested in growing them in their backyard for the table, or for those interested in larger scale agro-forestry production.

shiitake mushroom log inoculation

This session will include:

  • A mycology 101 presentation;
  • A lesson on the how-to’s and why’s of outdoor mushroom cultivation, including coverage of different inoculation methods relating to shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, king stropharia, and other outdoor mushroom species; and
  • Hands-on inoculation time. Pendle Hill is inoculating 30 logs and needs your help! Everyone who takes part in the workshop will go home with their own inoculated shiitake log.

Items to bring:

  • Work gloves (we do have work gloves at Pendle Hill, but if you prefer your own please bring them!);
  • Sturdy boots and clothes you’re willing to get dirty;
  • Notebook and pen; and
  • Eye and ear protection if you have it (as we will be drilling holes in the logs). (We will have limited safety gear available.) Children are welcome, but please be aware that there will be drills in operation, as well some heavy lifting occurring in the workshop area.


Jono Droege lives and works with the Rising Locust Farm collective in Lancaster, PA. He’s an activist, permaculture designer, mycophile, and pseudo citizen-scientist. When not farming or fighting pipelines, he is most likely to be scouring the forest floor for fungus or lounging in a canoe.

Travel directions to Pendle Hill. Click to view the flyer.