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December 2015 E-newsletter

Spirit of Joyful Giving; New Year’s Eve Celebration; Pendle Hill Rewind…

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E-newsletter | December 2015

Jennie Keith, Pendle Hill Board Member

"Personality and Place" by Douglas Gwyn (Plain Press, 2014)

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Spirit of Joyful Giving

“In this season of giving, one of my annual rituals is to sift through the tall and teetering stack of requests for contributions from worthy organizations. Of course my generous impulses and my respect for so many efforts in support of such significant goals are constrained by budget realities – so there are difficult choices! This year again Pendle Hill stays at the top of my list. Reflecting for a moment on why this feels so right, I realize that my reasons for giving to Pendle Hill have to do with what Pendle Hill gives – to me, to the Society of Friends, to the world.

Being deep into reading Doug Gwyn’s new history of Pendle Hill, I am also reminded of how long Pendle Hill has played these roles, with a remarkable continuity of Spirit-led mission in the context of so much change around us. A perfect example for me right now is the link between our founding as a “school for prophets” and the current course “Call to Radical Faithfulness,” in which students alternate residencies on campus with continuing study via the Internet.

For me Pendle Hill is a spiritual home where every visit gives me refreshed vision and energy. Inspiration and skills acquired at Pendle Hill strengthen staff and members of many other organizations I want to support. Our whole world is in profound need of the opportunities Pendle Hill offers to “create peace and justice by transforming lives.” It’s a joyful holiday tradition to give my gift to Pendle Hill – in gratitude.”
Jennie Keith, Board Member

New Year’s Eve at Pendle Hill ~ A Celebration

Dec 31, 2015, 6pm to midnight

All are invited to join us for a joyous alcohol-free New Year’s celebration featuring hors d’oeuvres, an inspired home-cooked dinner with local organic ingredients, a Chamber concert with guest soprano Jessica Lennick (pictured opposite), an ice cream social, and a candlelight Meeting for Worship to welcome in the New Year.

$75 advance registration is required (this does NOT include any room accommodations; those must be made separately if you plan to sleep over). Please register online by Sunday, December 20th, or call the Registration Office for more information. Read more

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Jessica Lennick, soprano

Robert Gonzales

Stephen Michael Tumolo

Featured Workshop

Living the Compassionate Life: The Essence of Non-Violent Communication

Robert Gonzales and Stephen Michael Tumolo
Feb 19-21, 2016

Beyond the basic Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process of expressing and receiving our observations, feelings, needs, and requests lies the heart and root of compassion for ourselves and others, a living practice Robert Gonzales refers to as “Living Compassion.”

You will be introduced to and practice processes that Robert has developed to deepen more self-awareness, self-compassion, and living compassion in relationships. Read more


The Midwinter Institute, November 1966 (No. 187)

So many wonderful events and programs have occurred at Pendle Hill during its 85 year history. What was happening at Pendle Hill when you came here years ago? To bring back the feeling of some of those precious moments, each month in our e-newsletter we will look back, “rewind time” to give you a sense of Pendle Hill throughout the years. Maybe a past event will bring back a memory or a program’s theme will give you pause to think. Read more

Pendle Hill Bulletin

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Christiane Meunier

First Monday Lecture Series: Parallel Journeys

Christiane Meunier
Jan 4, 2016 at 7:30pm in The Barn Free and open to the public.
This event will be streamed live over the Internet – registration is available here.

Quilt artist and pilgrim Christiane Meunier writes: “In the past seven years, I traveled two parallel journeys that informed each other. Each year I walked an average of 180 miles on the old European pilgrimage way to Santiago in Spain, during which I found my way of belonging to the world. During that same period, I created nine quilts using 20 years’ worth of discarded unfinished projects in the hope of walking through the shadow world of my sense of not belonging. On that journey I found my voice as an artist. Looking back, I realized that those two journeys followed the same pattern.”
Read more


Recipe: Stuffed Roma Tomatoes

In true Pendle Hill “nothing is wasted” fashion, this dish is a delicious way to transform leftovers. Here are two variations to get you started – don’t be shy to combine whatever vegetables or grains you have on hand, and play around with the sauces and cheeses. Read more

Stuffed Tomatoes

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