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More e-pamphlets are now available for Kindles and Nooks!

We continue to make more of our classic Pendle Hill pamphlets available for Kindle-compatible e-readers on and as “Nook Books” (for Nook e-readers) at Barnes and Noble.comRecent additions to our growing list of e-pubs include:

  • Kindle173#12 Mildred Binns Young, A Standard of Living Kindle Nook Print
  • #24 Leonard Edelstein, We are Accountable Kindle Nook Print
  • #52 Ruth Domino, Search: A Journey Through Personal Chaos Kindle Nook Print
  • #56 Gunnar Sundburg, Toward Pacifism: The Convincement and Commitment of a Young European Kindle Nook Print
  • #61 Gerhard Ockel, Guilt Kindle Nook Print
  • #67 Carol R. Murphy, The Ministry of Counseling Kindle Nook Print
  • #82 Carol R. Murphy, Religion and Mental Illness Kindle Nook Print
  • #88 Cecil E. Hinshaw, Nonviolent Resistance: A Nation’s Way to Peace Kindle Nook Print
  • #94 Hallock Hoffman, Loyalty by Oath: An Essay on the Extortion of Love Kindle Nook Print
  • #131 Richard Ullman, The Dilemmas of a Reconciler Kindle Nook Print
  • #149 Norman Whitney, Experiments in Community Kindle Nook Print
  • #169 Carol R. Murphy, Holy Morality: A Religious Approach to Modern Ethics Kindle Nook Print
  • #173 Howard H. Brinton, Evolution and the Inward Light: Where Science and Religion Meet Kindle Nook Print
  • #181 L. Hugh Doncaster, The Quaker Message: A Personal Affirmation Kindle Nook Print
  • #190 David S. Richie, Memories and Meditations of a Workcamper Kindle Nook Print
  • #195 Scott Cromm, Quaker Worship and Techniques of Meditation Kindle Nook Print
  • Nook207#207 Dorothy Ackerman, A Quaker Looks at Yoga Kindle Nook Print
  • #217 A.F. Parker-Rhodes, Wholesight: The Spirit Quest Kindle Nook Print
  • #218 James S. Best, Another Way to Live: Experiencing Intentional Community Kindle Nook Print
  • #237 Michael Marsh, Reaching Toward God Kindle Nook Print
  • #290 S. Francis Nicholson, Quaker Money Kindle Nook Print
  • #315 John R. Yungblut, For That Solitary Individual Kindle Nook Print
  • #360 Jonathan Dale, Quaker Social Testimony in our Personal and Corporate Life Kindle Nook Print
  • #369 Anne Curo, Meditations on the Prayer of St. Francis Kindle Nook Print
  • #365 Paul A. Lacey, The Authority of our Meetings is in the Power of God Kindle Nook Print
  • #402 Margery Post Abbott, Christianity and the Inner Life: Twenty-First Century Reflections on the Words of Early Friends Kindle Nook Print
  • #407 Valerie Brown, Living from the Center: Mindfulness Meditation and Centering for Friends Kindle Nook Print

Please let us know what you think by contacting Shirley Dodson with your suggestions and feedback. And please remember to post your responses on the Amazon and B&N websites so that our e-pamphlets get more attention. We have now digitized over a quarter of our 400+ pamphlet collection and continue to add more titles.

All of our pamphlets continue to be available in print format, also – either in the original printed edition or as reprints formatted as pamphlets.