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October 2015 E-newsletter

Annual Fund Fall Campaign; Auction Recap; Holiday Scheduling…

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E-newsletter | October 2015

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Give in honor of our 85th!


85th Anniversary Fall Annual Fund Campaign

The Pendle Hill community is so thankful for the overwhelming support we received during our recent 85th Anniversary Woodworkers’ Exhibition and Auction. We raised over $20,500 for the Endowment, helping to secure Pendle Hill’s financial future.

To launch our fall Pendle Hill Annual Fund campaign, we’re asking you to consider a gift with the number “85” in it in honor of our 85th Anniversary year: $85, $185, $285, and so on.

Please help us celebrate this monumental year by becoming a Sustaining Donor with a monthly gift to the Annual Fund. Would you consider $85 a month? Alternatively, as little as $15.42 a month adds up to $185 a year!

Click the “Donate” button to the right to begin the process. If you then select “Make a Recurring Donation,” you can choose the amount you’d like to give each month to become a Sustaining Donor. You can help Pendle Hill grow and strengthen our level of excellence.

Thank you!

Important changes to Pendle Hill’s upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas schedules

On Thanksgiving Day (November 26), Pendle Hill will provide a continental breakfast, a traditional Thanksgiving turkey with all the trimmings as an afternoon meal, and leftovers for dinner. The afternoon and evening meals will be family-style for staff, scholars, interns, and overnight sojourners only; this is different from what we have offered in the past.

From December 22 (following after-dinner clean-up) through December 27, Pendle Hill will institute an “operations closure,” i.e., there will be no dining services, guest services, registration, or housekeeping provided during that time. We will resume normal business operations on Monday, December 28 at 7am. Thank you for your understanding.

We wish you and your family a safe and very happy holiday season.

Thanksgiving table setting

The Barn in Winter (detail)

Emma Lapsansky-Werner

Chris Mohr

Featured Workshop

Inquirers’ Weekend: An Introduction to Quaker Faith and Practice

Emma Lapsansky-Werner and Chris Mohr
Oct 30 – Nov 1, 2015

In this workshop you will explore the basics of Quaker faith and practice and discover how they connect with your own spiritual experience. You will also find opportunities for worship, discussion, sharing, and questions with fellow seekers and experienced Quaker leaders. All who seek a solid introduction to Quakerism are welcome. Read more

Spaces still available. Pendle Hill will match Meeting scholarships up to ½ the fee. E-mail:

Woodworking auction closes, surpasses all our expectations

What a fun and exciting event. The 85th Anniversary Woodworkers’ Exhibition and Auction was a great success. We are appreciative and give gracious thanks to all the woodworking artisans who donated over 70 pieces of furniture and wood art.

We are equally thankful for the nearly 150 bidders in 25 states and 4 countries who helped raise over $20,500 for the Pendle Hill Endowment! These purchases, in support of Pendle Hill, enable us to continue working towards our mission and vison, to create peace with justice in the world by transforming lives.

"Bidding for Good" screenshot featuring Wheezy

85th Auction key statistics

First Monday Lecture Series logo

Pendle Hill Live Streaming Video logo

Jeffrey Dudiak

First Monday Lecture Series: Jeffrey Dudiak returns to Pendle Hill

Jeff Dudiak
Nov 2, 2015 at 7:30pm in The Barn Free and open to the public.
This event will be streamed live over the Internet – registration is available here.

In this presentation, Jeff Dudiak – who returns to Pendle Hill after spending several months with us late last year as our 2014-15 Cadbury Scholar – suggests that it is not, in fact, our speaking of God (our respective “theologies”) that divides us, but our unwillingness on all sides to wrestle with the question of God seriously enough.

Taking as a starting point the traditional Quaker affirmation of “the witness of God in everyone,” he will issue an invitation to an inclusive, contemporary Quaker theologizing. Read more


Pendle Hill welcomes our 2016 Cadbury Scholar, Friends-in-Residence, and IFD Nord German interns

We would like to formally welcome the following individuals who arrived at Pendle Hill last month:

Paula Palmer, our 2016 Cadbury Scholar, is answering a call from a national indigenous organization calling on all Christian denominations to look closely at their histories of providing boarding school educations for Native children.

Our new year-long “FiR” (Friend-in-Residence) is Angela Hopkins, whose ongoing ministry is to help the Quaker movement become more faithful and robust by challenging racism and white supremacy. Also joining us as FiRs through the middle of December are British Yearly Meeting Friends Lynda and Martin Williams, who bring over 26 years of experience to Pendle Hill, including interests in yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism, and conflict management.

Last but not least are our latest IFD Nord co-op interns. Amadeus Gomilschak, Martje Knoedler, Laura Kronz, and Lion Mackert will be with us during the upcoming year, and have been terrific additions to our community thus far. Read more

A big welcome to everyone!

Paula Palmer, 2016 Cadbury Scholar

IFD Nord interns (clockwise from top left: Martje, Amadeus, Laura, and Lion)

IFD Nord Lebenswelten e.V. logo


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